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Personally I went through the thing of because the bars are there
try to get every instrument hitting at the same time.
Getting a groove though is different sometimes a lead guitar leads sometimes a vocal leads, a bass well if you want a low down groove the bass drum and the Bass lead that gives you that deep down stomach power feel.
I place the instruments now where I would when a band has that exciting sound when every instrument is exciting. This does not mean they strike at the same time.
Hey I try and I am getting better at it.
In my present music the tune I have has the vocal when it comes in always is just slightly ahead of the rest except the bass.
I think the effect is if you have one instrument pushing and pulsating with the others it is hard to beat not only more emotional to listen to but also easier to mix.
Timing is essential of course needing to hit the same dot is not.

My ten cents worth.
I am a learner too.

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