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Originally Posted by G-Sun View Post
The list is definitively a bad start...
Strictly speaking that is a list of military activities, so not only invasions are listed. And some modern military activities are simply omitted (I guess with the idea that NATO is not a country but a "freedom" organization)

It is clear that Russia has participated in a number of wars, including invasions and territory acquisition. But the last real invasions was at the beginning of the WWII (Finland). All later activities was some formal/informal participation in foreign conflicts. Most dramatic for Russia in modern history was Afganistan.

Finally with disassembly of USSR, Russian military was withdrawn from all foreign countries outside USSR (the distribution of foreign military bases of different countries is well known).

And while some accusations in military actions within USSR borders have a background, that is hard to compare in mass and global consequences with:
* killing democratic president of Iran, with following 50 years nightmare in a half of east coutries
* training terrorists
* continuously organizing and supporting revolutions in foreign countries
* distributing hunderts of own military bases abroad
* making military prisons in foreign countries to avoid own laws application
(if someone think that is from Russian propaganda... no, that is from serious German journalists researches. And since US has a rule to open secret documents after 50 years, anyone in fact can read that on open US government sites).

Still, almost everyone on the west believe the only evil sit in Moscow
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