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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
As you corrected in the next post, Stalin was not Russian. Russia was a part of USSR, where other parts like Ukraine and Georgia have played far from slave roles...
And yes, most people inside Russia hate Stalin not less then you do.
I can write something there just because Stalin has died at the day he has died, and not let say a year after.

What most people from east Europe still do not realize, is that for any Russian people visiting these countries during "occupation" period after WWII was like visiting a paradise on the earth. The live style inside USSR itself was much worse. All "hight technology" factories was in Europe, including in Poland (f.e. printers).
To check what "plague" and "slaving" really means, check the story about half a billion junkies in China produced by UK invasion (since that was the only "product" UK could "export" at that time).

In any case, Russian/USSR army has left Poland for long time already. And I do not think they will ever want to return. From German news, current own government is more dangerous then theoretical foreign aggressors...
Polish previous goverment was proGerman as hell and fall because of serious scandals, I hated it. Our previous PM Donald Tusk now have a great job in EU from Makrel because of good servant in Poland. Current gover are socialists but at least, patriots and there is no better option in horizon. Do not watch German news. They shout at Poland about democracy but PiS won legal democratic election and do not do nothing to be so citicized. They cry because of lost influence in Poland. That is a story.

Russians partly left our country in 1989 but with some serious influences far to 2016. Their people from PSL are still in parliment wit about 5%. And was ruling in coalition in Poland for 8 years with German influence party PO. Current goverment PiS have only some connections with USA which is best option for us.

Watching German news, they will tell you that german death camps were polish which is lie, so do not watch German news at all ��
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