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Originally Posted by strachupl View Post
Man, you talk a bullshit? Where are your infos coming from?
Despite that you have no idea what is going on politically in the world..
strauchupl: You living in Poland, right?
Yes, Polen was severely destroyed by nazi-Germany, and took some of the hardest beating along with the people of the Sovjet Union (afaik).
And, then you've had a hard time under your savior (USSR).
But, if you judge Germans by those events 60years ago, then I'd say it's time to update your understanding of world-events:

1) England, France and USA are portrayed as the good guys of WW2,
sacrificing their lives for freedom and democracy (at least this is the story in the West). However, these countries where not originally any better than Germany. It was imperialism, power, slavery and greed for especially England and France. Hitler just took things a few steps further, and showed all of this ideology spelled out with big letters.
Yes, of course I'm happy that nazi-Germany didn't win. But, you need to understand that Nazism was not confined to Germany. It was a part of us all in European culture.

2) Why did USA claim military bases in Germany? And is there any legitimacy that they are there still? I think no to the last one.

3) USA/Isreal/Saudi-Arabia/Nato is currently sort of the new nazi-Germany in my eyes, with (US particularly) not just the biggest military force, but with an incredible level of propaganda-machinery including news, films and much more.
I see daily how war and agitation is created, people buying into fake news and acting from it, even in my small and former rather peaceful Norway.

Now, Poland, well I hope you can raise up again, not just materially, but in culture and social relationships as well

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