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Originally Posted by G-Sun View Post
I'm happy to see many excellent Russian users and developers here.

One question:
I see many of you contribute very very good as developers and with user-questionst.
But, when it comes to social, cultural and political questions (lounge typical), I've almost never seen you sharing your thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences.
Why is it so?

Is the public opinion among the western population to hostile for you to engage with?
Other factors?
Good question!
I think that this is largely due to the language barrier. For me, it works that way - I own a huge number of technical terms and form suggestions from them easier. And when it comes to "small talk" I just can not find the words. And what makes Google translate sometimes sad (and funny) read I do not want to look ridiculous to strangers!

For my part, there is no prejudice. With friends and relatives in Ukraine, with colleagues across the border, we can calmly and freely communicate on any topic. Regardless of what is currently being said in the media.
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