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Originally Posted by strachupl View Post
In EU forum they say that there is no democracy in Poland. Their arguments are that we made retire law that man go retire at 65 age and woman at 60 age and it is a big problem brcause that is not equal or that we cut lot of trees in Bialowieza Forest because they were sick because of worms and there is danger to male sick more trees. It is stupid and it shows that they want to rule above our parliment and law and EU was about to be a no-boarders and free trade treaty.
The accusation in not democratic movements have nothing to do with retire age or tree cuts:

to azslow3. I apologise. I am impulsive but death camps topic is very actual now. People say, lets not call DC german, lets call it nazi or polish. But who were nazists where they came from? from the moon Moon?
But ask yourself the question why it is so important for you, now? Can it be that someone wants rise the importance of it, so something else become less important for you?
In Russia, in US and even in Germany, the last is really the case. This trick is well proved. Let people believe they hate / love / fill patriotic / fill afraid. And these people forget all shit around and from where it comes...

Well maybe I am not right, maybe I cant understand that somehow they do these things because they love us... who knows.
Except periodic crazy ideas (Communism, Nazi, Patriotic, Religion), the driving force of politic is pure financial. For "love" or "hate", there must be something material to love or hate. That aspect is normally forgotten (because if you grab a bit deeper, "good" side participate in economical piracy with the same willing as "bad" one).

I mean try to analyze financial interests in Poland from German / Russian perspective (and in different direction), and political movements will be much less complicated.


For some time I had real old Nazi as a neighbor. He (as almost a child) was in one of DCs. His role was some paper work, he was on the front for short time, somewhere in Ukraine, but was injured and could not continue in the regular army.
Every time we had a visit, he was asking all my friends "are you Jewish?" Poisoned by Nazi propaganda for his whole life, he has really hated Jewish, Russian and Polish people. Well, I guess somewhere inside he had a feeling something is wrong with the approach. Otherwise why he had no problem to speak with me? Absolutely open, with many "normal" for him (but horror to hear for me... ) stories about former times.

So, do you think the declaration "these people are responsible for all that, they are evil... we are white and clean!", as "historical truth" is going to change anything?
I could just see poisoned and ill for his whole life old man. He was a tiny part of huge machinery. He has participated in that horror, but no more then most of us will do in his position.
Lets leave the history where it is, without "final" black and white pinning. And just try to avoid that repeats, in any form.
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