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I think the most crucial part here is that regardless of what else anyone might want, NOBODY in their right mind wants the MIDIeditor to open a track for editing at a zoom setting thazat is so extreme that the whole track is crammed into a space about an inch wide at the extreme left hand side of the edit window, which is what appears to be the default behaviour right now.

I have got into the habit of just clicking on the expand arrow and holding it down until I think it might be out to a usable resolution, but then of course you have to scroll across from the end of the file (where the "expand" action sends you - also a pain) to actually see what resolution you expanded to and then adjust again.

Hadnt really thought too much about just ho wmuch of a total pain in the ass this is till I started writing this.
Since we know Justin has started exploring MIDI of late, I cant believe he is happy with having to do this.

I am hoping that someone on here has a slightly less ham fisted way of doing this with things as they are, but not really expecitng anything that does significantly better.
Even bloody Sonar does it better.
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