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So the more layouts there are the better?
I think you should keep the simple up there.
For newbs and for resource conscious ppl.
As long as you give a description and who it is intended for.

It is all I would have needed until I found out about different layouts!
Stretchable - up and down or left right or both?

Will test later today, thank you.

I like the empty's because they give a visual break between folders/submix tracks very clear.

If not merge the two, then pick the particular layouts I like and mix and match into one that only has what I like and use?
So can they be copied into and out of the theme?
Not sure I asked this clearly...
Can I copy layouts, by editing the theme and copy them back and forth between a particular themes?
Can you direct me where I would find that in the theme?

EDIT: Looks like when I open the them in 7zip I could copy layout folders to and from.
I really liked what you did with advanced and simple.
I think you should put those two back up. I think they make it the most straight forward for the new user.
I just wanted to know about those other layouts, that I had gotten attached to.
Since I have the previous versions A and B already - I can copy what I want - although there is probably a text file where the named folders need to be referenced, right?
I am not trying to drag you back into this, you have done plenty.

KeyMce/GenMce - pc keyboard/midi to Mackie control emulation (built with ahk). Also - an ahk script to build your own midi programs.

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