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Originally Posted by lunker View Post
Definitely MIDItoReaControlPath can do what I want, so I'll probably pursue that option first.
You might want to take a look at the sticky thread in the "Live" forum. Several things that can be done by processioning Midi messages to control Reaper are described there.

It's good to keep in mind that within Reaper there are two separate paradigms of signal flow: "Realtime" happens within tracks (Midi and Audio), "GUI" happens in the guts of Reaper (the "Reaper Control Path"). "Realtime" uses a bunch of operating system threads, while the "GUI" uses a single dedicated Thread for all it's work. JSFXes obviously live in the realm of "Realtime" (sauf the GUI part in their code), Reaper scrips (any language) live in the GUI. Reaper actions completely live in the GUI. "Learn" in fact does not digest Midi messages (even though it appears to), but Reaper Control Path messages (that can be derived from Midi messages) and hence lives in the "GUI" thread.

Hence obviously a (LUA) script can't receive (realtime) Midi. I do suppose using the Reaper API in LUA should allow for generating Reaper Control Path messages that might be "Learned" by some Reaper internal functionality, but I did not try this myself.

Clear as mud ?


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