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Originally Posted by tspring View Post
Sorry if my question seemed intrusive. I was just trying to understand why you mentioned needing a world clock if all you were trying to do is archive tracks on the second machine as your description seemed to imply. I have found itís never a good idea to give advice/info when you donít understand the situation.

Well obviously I didnít read the thread carefully enough, as on re-reading it is fairly clear that you want to do something akin to mirroring the hard drive on your primary machine to the secondary machine. Have I got that right?

Well. I'm making something more technical than it needs to be, but with purpose.

Machine 1, does the heavy lifting. Audio processing. Midi.

Machine 2 would just be where the file is actually located aside from locally.

I think unless I'm running another version of Reaper on the Target, Machine 2. I wouldn't require a world clock. That being said. IF I am recording directly to a networked server. Is it adding latency that WOULD NOT be there if I just saved/rendered/cached locally on Machine 1. Another question I implied (poorly) was if Reaper automatically compensated for such a configuration.
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