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Originally Posted by tspring View Post
Lets assume that secondary computer is a typical off-the-shelf NAS, and that your goal is simply to write directly to it from Reaper. According to what I have read, transfer rates to this typical NAS will be about half of what you would expect when writing to a local hard drive. And obviously a local SSD would be faster still. But it is not clear to me how this would effect latency unless the size of buffers used by Reaper had to be increased as a result of the lower transfer rate. If you are simply streaming your tracks to a NAS type system, latency shouldn't be an issue anyway.
One other question to consider is whether writing directly over the network increases vulnerability to problems. My own personal experiences suggest that it might, but I have had to deal with some pretty crappy networks.

There is software that would allow any standard PC to serve as a rather advanced NAS. Would that sort of setup suit your needs? Or would a shared network W10 folder (no need for NAS software) on your secondary PC be better?

The whole question I'm asking is completely hypothetical. I'm comfortable enough with computers and networking I could slap together a linux box with a 100Gbe NIC to gobble up all the data I can throw at it.

I think my limitation is Windows as a Reaper host. Unless Reaper comes with some extra custom file transfer, Windows would probably hold back all the throughput. I'd probably have to ask a dev.

I was just thinking, maybe I could keep my windows machine separate from my recordings with something far more formidable and stable, just for longevity sake. Preservation and archiving. While, using Windows for Reaper, for VST/software compatibility.

Came across these:

I've always been big on RAID 0 configurations. It got me thinking, where would it benefit most? Could I put this on a Linux box, slap a fatty NIC in it and just do everything over ethernet.

Or I would have to use Win Server 2019.

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