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Originally Posted by tspring View Post
My guess is that you know more about networking than I do. But I too am interested in the theoretical problem that you pose. You mentioned recording 50 channels simultaneously. Assuming 50 channels with 48kHz sampling rate and bit depth of 32 bits, this would mean that you would need to send about 77 megabits/sec over ethernet to your network storage device wouldn't it? That doesn't seem to me that it would stress either Windows 10 or a gigabit NIC. What am I missing?

I'm lacking in the audio department, the theoretical conversion helped connect the dots. I wasn't sure how much would be sent in a given scenario.

I'll have to set up something and tinker with it myself. Seems like pulling recordings down over the Ethernet within Reaper might cause some playback delay.

Do you know if Reaper stores .wavs of the current project in memory? Or accesses it each time from playback?

I'm leaning now towards something local then, and back it up with a script every couple hours/evening over Ethernet.

Originally Posted by jrk View Post
That is it, isn't it? Even a budget off the shelf item should cope. And if the round trip time is under 5ms (i.e. on the same LAN segment, to be safe, perhaps? Not cloud-based anyhoo) you'll be golden. Probably.
I still don't see the point.
Well, if I'm recording. I don't really want to tax the system at the wrong time with an automated back-up. My scripting knowledge is limited, in my mind it would be easier to backup a storage device than the system doing the recording. I guess a sort of end-of-session/system shutdown script would be nice in this use case. A basic ATX motherboard tends to have it's limitations, nvme, sata. Just considering options for long-term permanence of media.

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