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Cockos already has The Stash with a script category
You`re right, but look at this
Does this really look easy to explore to regular user? Gif, pngs, zip`s etc, everything is in "scripts". Search will works here if know what to search. Does you always know how exactly named script?

I was OK with Stash until I has 5 spk77 scripts I found for my workflow which were really useful. But when you have a lot of working scripts stuff you often use, downloading/updating all this stuff makes me crazy, because people can share their work in zip, so you will need to download, unpack, and maybe also rename script you want to update to keep shortcuts etc. Or they can even update scripts just by uploading another file, so you willn`t know is new version (maybe more stable, or with GUI) exists.

Here I can look on X-Raym repo for example. Once I needed to find some envelope script and I knew that placed somewhere in X-Raym folder. Imagine how much time I would spend to search it in stash among 500+ scripts if I forgot its name. But if I can search dedicated folder like /X-Raym/Envelopes searching process seems much shorter.

For me it is better to download one repo to keep key shortcuts/toolbars working after updating without any mess. And as we see, it could be base for getting work script manager potentially. With current stash it is impossible because it is full of unsorted "categorized" trash. I can wait until Justin & team do Stash 2.0, but why if I can make scripts collection downloadable all-in-one by one button, or even auto-update so it willn`t contain any non-relevant trash. Only strongly categorized scripts which aren`t "beta", "for test", "old version", "first try", etc

If didn`t point it well, I repeat I don`t want to advise users use one repo for sharing. Not, it wasn`t created for this! I want it to be "Favorites" from Cockos forum, stash, other forums, other repos etc. So only few members who already did a lot of useful code, can edit their stuff inside common repo (edit: and pull commits).
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