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I found a thread which was started by X-Raym in march 2015. I like ideas (gifs, explanaition, etc), but nothing was implemented due to different reasons, so that is why I decided to start building something. For now it could be "early beta" and in the future different ideas of you guys will be implemented which will let end user use that repo easily.

And if we speak about auto-update we`ll should add to any new script default header (author, supported REAPER/SWS version, tags maybe, related forum thread) to make it being used for future dedicated auto-update/manager extension (or script). For now it just thoughts.
Btw, X-Raym already do it this way:
 * Display selected tracks and takes color in the console
 * EEL Script for Reaper
 * Displays tracks and takes color in RGB and HEX values in the console.
 * Author: X-Raym
 * Author URl:
 * Reposotory: GitHub > X-Raym > EEL Scripts for Cockos REAPER
 * Repository URl:
 * Source URl: selected tracks and takes color in the console.eel
 * Licence: GPL v3
 * Forum Thread: Script: Display selected tracks and takes color in the console
 * Forum Thread URl:
 * Version: 1.0
 * Version Date: 2015-15-02
 * REAPER: 4.76
Look what Breeeder said then:
...Why not use GitHub instead? Each script author forks the main repo and does a pull request to merge changes back when ready. Less work for the people in charge of the main repo, users can access scripts in progress before they are merged (sort of like beta) and contributors only need to respect certain rules (like naming conventions and folder hierarchy) instead of writing lengthy mails...that's what GitHub is for ..

And after GitHub repo is done, we can discuss a best way on how to access it directly from REAPER or from some other website
Every developer who wants to be taken seriously should know and understand git already (and if not, he/she should be willing to learn it since it's awesome and de facto standard for managing code)'s already so prevalent. GitHub is not a platform per se, it's just a service that lets you put git repositories online and make sharing and contributing to them easier. You could use any other git service or even host your own, it's just that GitHub is free, good, has API to pull stuff from it and quite prevalent so no need to reinvent the wheel here
Not to mention that updating scripts will be much easier since nobody will have to contact you directly, they would simply do a pull request on GitHub and once merged the updates would be automatically available from the web site (since it simply pulls information from the GitHub via it's API) or auto updater script/extension in REAPER
Same thoughts here.
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