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Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
It's simple analog level panning, but in 2D (to start with) and later on in 3D. No DSP needed, imho. I'm planning to use it for mixing in mono sources and for level control while playing back in other rooms than my own.
Hmm... still not sure how you're working the Ambisonic encoding. From what I've seen through experimentation so far, to pan a sound in an Ambisonic mix, the source (mono, stereo or other) needs to first be converted to B format and then manipulated with a B format panning/rotating/zooming/other plugin.
Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
That's what I plan on doing. The mixer would only be an add-on and only needed for playback in other places.
Keen to hear about your MIDI controller experiments when you get into it.
Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
What I've learned so far:

Speakers and mics need to be as identical as possible. On the mic side, this is less of a problem, as the mics are very close to one another. As long as the capsules are identical, you're good to go. On the speaker side, the room influence is a major problem. I haven't tried eq. I'm a bit skeptical about eq, as it doesn't do anything for reflections and I suspect it will even amplify reflections.

Most of the information is in the midrange. So, Auratones might be useful. I've been thinking about making 8 simple broadband speakers, to avoid phase problems. But I can't figure out (in my head) if phase problems would be a big worry. Ah, more experimenting to come. And atm, my listening room is just too hot, with outside temps from 25 to 30 degrees and two sides who are almost entirely glass. That's another problem too...
Are you renting where you are now or is it your own property? Maybe you could look at double glazing although that could get expensive for a large area.
Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
I think you need to set the upper four higher. In all my limited testing with 8 speakers, I've put the top ones close to the ceiling and the bottom ones on the floor. And that immediately revealed problem #1: the floor is tiled, the ceiling is wood and hollow. Acoustically very different.

That's why I went back to 2D with four speakers, for the time being. I need to make that work first and find another pair of identical speakers. I think it won't work with different speakers. At least, it didn't work for me, with 6 fairly identical active 2 way speakers and 2 active 3 way speakers. Same brand, same age, but the difference in mids was killing almost all placement info.

Yes, please, keep us informed. And thanks for this thread!
No problemo!! Great to have your input here.

I'm actually sitting at my DAW PC, typing this reply (for the second time!!) on it while REAPER plays some B format recordings in the background on the new speaker layout and I'm thoroughly enjoying it this time!!

I ended up moving the lower ring of speakers off the floor and also moved the top ring up higher. My ear height is now right smack in the middle of the two layers. I also have all eight speakers equidistant from the listening position and have EQd the two non Auratones to match the Auratones as closely as I can. I did have to swap the polarity on them but that could be more of a signal routing issue because they are running from a different amp to the six Auratones.
The non Auratones are serving as the lower, rear pair.

Overall, the sound is FAR, FAR more convincing now and almost uncanny in 3D positioning. I had to pause a couple of times just to check that some of the things I was hearing were on the recording and not outside!

I currently have three new Auratones and four original 80s models and have them very closely matched with a little EQ. Even so, I'm contemplating either purchasing one more new one to have four new ones in one ring and four 80s ones in the other ring or purchasing FIVE new ones to have a complete set of eight perfectly matching ones. The latter option is stretching my already far stretched budget though!! I just set up a large solar/battery/multi inverter power system for my home and studio (no more electricity bills!!) and have also just purchased two new Roland JP08 Boutique synths so the bank account has taken a pretty hefty beating!

I am putting together some plans (in my head as I type!) to build a double octagon frame to mount all eight speaker to. At the moment, two are sitting on cardboard boxes, four are on tall CD racks (at the top and bottom) and two are on some Gibraltar drum hardware from my Roland V Drums kit. Quite the mashup!! Sounds great though!!
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