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Originally Posted by X-Raym View Post
Not sure how it works but maybe use this in a child track instead, so you can still have Midi Input (and not Output) for recording.
Tried, but doesn't work. It even cancels out the recording output of the virtual instrument's output.
Though implemented with RealGuitar, step time recording with virtual instrument using its MIDI output is not functional with Reaper.
Will try with another DAW I have, FL Studio.

EDIT: Not implemented in FL Studio and even tried it on Studio One 4 at a friend's house, neither.

Can actions be implemented throught scripts? If there were actions to insert notes at an exact position, not only "at the nearest C" (as currently) etc. + auditioning the note, I could make a functional fretboard with a toolbar 6 icons tall by 22 icons wide.

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