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Default Drag pre-existing midi note, need to hold down ALT ??

Somehow, I have probably messed up the keyboard preferences in the midi editor.

The problem? In the Piano roll, while pointing cursor on a note, a marquee symbol (dotted square) shows up (on top of the note), which allows to create a marquee selection of notes. That's excellent, but I would like Reaper to let me MOVE that note when I point on it.

To move a note now, I need to hold down the ALT key. That is not how it used to be as I recall.

I would like those two features to switch keyboard shortcut since moving a note is a much more frequent operation than marquee selecting (in my case).

Thanks for any help, I have spent several hours not finding the solution. I mention that keyboard shortcuts in the Action list has been reset to default in the Import/Export menu, but that did not correct my problem
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