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Ok, another quick test. Works PC, Windows 7 64bit, Reaper 64bit portable install to new directory. Everything is set to default, using Direct Sound as the audio device. (it's ASIO on my audio pc, wasapi on the laptop)

1. New project
2. Insert virtual instrument on new track (ReaSynth)
3. Draw new midi item for 1 bar
4. Set loop/time selection to 1 bar
5. Change recording mode to overdub
6. Turn on Repeat
7. Hit record, let it run for a couple of bars
8. Press stop
9. Open item properties, the midi item properties - this is what I get

If I then set 'Loop item source' then drag out the item, I get this

I've tested on 3 different computers, 3 different OS's, three different installs (portable, full fresh, full upgrade), and I can replicate this every time...

Benjamin over at Playtime thinks this is probably a Reaper bug, since it happens when overdubbing clips in Playtime too - he is implementing a workaround fix which is to glue the item after overdubbing, but it would be better if it worked as expected...

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