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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
[...] for u-he Diva, when I use .rpl presets and switch between them, it does update all the parameters correctly (but not the name), for the AUi format, but not for the VSTi format.
Heh, I just found a pretty weird case where it does send all the parameters, but does a bit more than that which probably isn't correct: with the default setting
and the AUi plugin u-he Diva in slot 1 of track 1, then sending e.g.
/fx/1/preset+ 1
… depending on the preset, I get fxparam feedback for almost all parameters, but a different number for /fxparam and /fxinstparam, e.g 1 thru e.g. 240 (out of 256) versus 244. What is really weird though, is that for every one of those parameters, I also get feedback for the same parameter as 'last touched' parameter. (I guess changing a .rpl preset isn't much different from touching all the parameters very quickly?)
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