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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Wait, the first part I understand... but not the second part. From where in REAPER do you want to send OSC commands? And if it's just a single port, it would only work with one port. I'd imagine MIDI feedback simply going back to the same port 'where it came from', so to speak. Anything else sounds unflexible yet convoluted.

I'm all in favor of both MIDI feedback and OSC sequencing by the way, I just don't think I understand what you're asking for exactly.
I wasn't thinking of MIDI/OSC going out, just an OSC equivalent of Note On/Off messages etc going into Reaper to do what a MIDI controller keyboard input does at the moment.

At the moment, even taking OSC out of the equation, apps that send MIDI have to have middleware installed on the PC to receive and send on through virtual ports. Having OSC-MIDI conversion/routing integrated into Reaper would remove this necessity and clean the process/worflow.

I suppose if OSC is the future replacement of MIDI that this stuff is inevitable anyway, with full OSC routing to tracks etc, but having a self-contained bridge in the meantime would be cool.
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