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Originally Posted by captain_caveman View Post
I wasn't thinking of MIDI/OSC going out, just an OSC equivalent of Note On/Off messages etc going into Reaper to do what a MIDI controller keyboard input does at the moment.

At the moment, even taking OSC out of the equation, apps that send MIDI have to have middleware installed on the PC to receive and send on through virtual ports. Having OSC-MIDI conversion/routing integrated into Reaper would remove this necessity and clean the process/worflow.

I suppose if OSC is the future replacement of MIDI that this stuff is inevitable anyway, with full OSC routing to tracks etc, but having a self-contained bridge in the meantime would be cool.
Ah, that's indeed something entirely different. But I'm still confused.

For one think, you're perhaps assuming too much already. On many personal computers, namely those running OS X, there is a native virtual MIDI port system (which is also compatible with Windows via rtpMIDI), and it works absolutely fine (I don't want to start a flamewar, but there are reasons why many music production folks prefer Macs). If you're asking to integrate such a feature in REAPER, you should also keep in mind that REAPER is a cross-platform product. Imho, virtual MIDI ports don't belong in a DAW but in an OS.

For another, you can't take OSC out of the equation but still somehow need OSC-MIDI conversion, whether or not it would be integrated into REAPER.

And if it's about input of notes, I can't think of much examples where sending MIDI to REAPER would be more cumbersome than sending OSC. For apps that send OSC messages for notes, there isn't really a standard, but you don't mention those anyway... and while I'd very much welcome having such features available, I don't subscribe to the idea that "OSC is the future replacement of MIDI" when it comes to notes in particular. And I don't know much hardware which sends notes using OSC either.

So I still don't see what it is you're really asking for exactly...

Having a self-contained bridge is indeed very cool anyway. But if you'd put OSC/MIDI conversion into REAPER, it will be the exact opposite of a self-contained bridge. Modularity is the opposite of integration.
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