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I don't take your remarks as rude at all, you're quite correct, I actually still don't get it.
Originally Posted by captain_caveman View Post
Basically what I am saying has nothing to do with virtual MIDI ports on OSX or otherwise, [...]
I may have misunderstood what you meant by sending MIDI thru virtual ports - but you're the one who brought it up. I'm just trying to make sense of it.

I think I disagree on this though:
Originally Posted by captain_caveman View Post
"[...] require middleware, [...] and therefore [...] is a PITA.[...]"
I have no general issue at all with using middleware; I tend to favor modularity over integration. Moreover, I think one of the cool things about the OSC control surface implementation is that it allows us to make our setup work how we want to rather than rely on the REAPER devs. I think your issue is rather that you presume that "writing mobile apps that do MIDI (or OSC to MIDI) require middleware, whether on OSX or Windows." Why would it? What platform are you using that is so incomplete, and why not ask the developers of that to improve their end? If you'd be coding for e.g. iOS, you have access to the CoreMIDI framework? That's not middleware... Also, you may write "mobile apps" on OS X on Windows, but that is not where you run them.

So I'm just a bit more confused now.
Originally Posted by captain_caveman View Post
If you say that you don't subscribe to the fact that OSC is the future of MIDI then why are we all here, since OSC cannot do a single thing that MIDI can't
That's an entirely different discussion. And I think it is a nice theorem, but pretty worthless in practice until I can buy OSC keyboards in every music shop, and there is an OSC equivalent for every MIDI feature in REAPER and similar apps. I haven't yet forgotten that for the last five years or so that I've used REAPER, there was no OSC support at all, except for the last few weeks.
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