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Originally Posted by captain_caveman View Post
I hope that's a bit clearer.
Yes, I think it is quite a bit clearer to me now, thanks.

If I try to describe it in my own words, I think you want: a virtual MIDI input *in REAPER* to which we can send MIDI, wrapped in OSC messages. REAPER will unwrap the messages to plain MIDI again, and treat the stream of messages as a MIDI input port, just like the existing 'real' MIDI input ports. Does that describe what you meant accurately enough?

Originally Posted by captain_caveman View Post
So the people with the incomplete platforms are Google and Microsoft. I think we can end all conversation about me contacting them to ask them to get together and implement anything anytime soon.

As far as the application/driver running on the PC is concerned, rtpMIDI uses Bonjour and I have no idea how that works or how to send MIDI to it. [...]

Google may be up for it, it could be a neat GSOC project for some music minded coding talents.

Bonjour is supposed to be 'zero configuration wireless networking' and afaik Apple care a lot about having it work well on Windows too (for all the iTunes / iPod / iOS device users on Windows). Don't dismiss it too easily.
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