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Originally Posted by captain_caveman View Post
Almost... rather than sending plain ol' MIDI, it would be better to send /MIDIMessage/(Port)1/NoteOn/64/127 for example, rather than doing it the MIDI way. Either way of course would be great though.
Gotcha. And yes, that would be pretty neat, and probably not too hard to implement. +1.
Originally Posted by captain_caveman View Post
Yes, everything is possible but in terms of hoops to jump through/things to install/update/run the less the better.
Indeed. In my case, I'm currently trying to concentrate all that in one piece of middleware. Btw, I haven't looked very closely at Android yet, but it seems one big hoop to jump trough compared to iOS development. But I definitely see the need for it - I'm currently using Pd instead of Max/MSP too, and jumping thru hoops can be quite fun if you like the whole code circus thing.
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