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Hi akademie,

Thank you for these hints! I checked the SHA fix for 64bit but it turns out the fix was indeed already merged by Justin into the latest sources for 0.071. Hence, this is apparently not the culprit.

I am getting kicked out immediately, both as a user with password and also as an anonymous. In fact it looks like the server does not even parse the user name at all. Here is the output from the server regardless how I try to login:

: Incoming connection from! disconnected (username:'', code=1)

Thus I am wondering if this could have anything to do with string/char functions that do not compile properly? The compiler gives warnings about the older POSIX string functions not being the best choice in current windows, but it still compiles without errors.

The cfg file gets processed properly by the server, all settings like port bpm etc work. If I only could connect to this thing!
Do you have any other ideas?
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