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Default REAPER - The User Friendly DAW

Hello Everyone!


This is a little thing I put together that makes REAPER much more user friendly upon following the well laid out README. It includes a small selection of both 32-bit and 64-bit plugins, and a couple other little goodies, including a SUPER SMALL sample library.

If there are any improvements that should be made, PLEASE let me know... I would like for this to become something that a newcomer can come to and easily get on their digital audio feet

EDIT: Realized I was violating some licenses on those plugins and even REAPER itself, so I took the link down. I will try to put another one up that is legit.

If you can't open the .rar, download either 7zip, or Winrar

I will try to be updating this as soon as possible when new versions of REAPER are released!


  • 8/26/13
    # Added SWS extension and updated Apollo Theme.

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