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I'm not at that machine at the moment to find out the specifics, but I'll let you know more detailed info asap.

I remember there was no matching function call when I tried it in my plugin, though I'd just copied the format from the WDL-OL example.

Trying to clone WDL-OL IPlugControls from a duplicated WDL-Youlean IPlugEffect had a couple of errors. I remember there was a 'cannot convert' error regarding the "mIISC_Indicator = pGraphics->AttachControl(new IBitmapControl(this, kIISC_I_X, kIISC_I_Y, &bitmap))" line, so I commented that out. This compiled but on running there were Bad Access errors (I'd copied all the resources so it probably wasn't that) so I commented out all the controls except for the IBitmapOverlayControl one. Then it compiled and ran, but clicking the control didn't bring up the overlay. At this point it was near 5am I thought it best that I sleep instead, hahah.
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