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Originally Posted by serr View Post
I stopped after the first bits about it being possible to commit physical theft over the internet and magic instruction sets that execute in zero time. Sorry, I don't think you're trying to troll me and there's certainly some miscommunication or typo at the root of that but still...

I'll simplify it: Don't invite trouble!
Well, i'm willing to learn, and you're not, so that's up to you if you consider any alternative viewpoint to be trolling, that's a pathetic stance to take when someone is trying to help other users.

And you are directly inviting trouble by not encrypting your drive, both in the sense that your data could be easily more compromised but moreso that you're operating against the recommendations of the OS designer. i.e. it will be the users who have no encrypted previously at most risk of having an issue.

If you don't understand how AES or AES-Ni works then really you shouldn't be telling people such false claims that their performance will be SEVERE-ly affected with encryption, as it's nonsense. The hardware and OS is designed to specifically run in that manner. There's no magic, it's simply a case of the CPU directly being able to decrypt on the fly which means it's not having to go via your OS and affect applications.

Originally Posted by serr View Post
Do understand that security measures designed to protect against physical theft are sometimes a priority. Use them when appropriate. Don't use them when performance and/or data integrity is the priority.
There is no priority choice to be made, you've made it out to be this evil encryption that's no use to anyone other than an FBI agent and it slows your machine done AND you recommend people disable it?! It's nonsense, and you know it. If i encrypted your drive you would not even notice i had done so.

Further than that you dismiss any facts as trolling, you're basically trolling yourself mate.

Originally Posted by serr View Post
Care to explain to the last guy who lost the recording of his last project and further had to come for help with a machine that would no longer boot how he's still better off with this enabled? Yes, he screwed up by 1. not catching it on day 1, and 2. really screwed up by clicking that OSX update button before backing it up. That IS the root screwup! So don't invite trouble.
I can't understand what you're saying here, but if it was already enabled then the issue cannot be with disk encryption, the issue may happen if you enable disk encryption and the drive locks - in which case no data is lost, you simply unlock the drive via the key. It's really quite straight forward, encryption does not make changes to your actual data, it's simply doing it's job of not allowing an unvalidated OS to read it.

Secondly, any sensible user will be running backups on their system, Apple has both bases covered with file vault and time machine - so there's no excuse for anyone using a mac to not have backups, or their data encrypted. If they're not backing up then there can be no complaints if they lose data that they cherish, and likewise if they do not encrypt their data there can be no complaints if they're even subjected to identity/data theft where their laptop to go missing.

Originally Posted by serr View Post
Want the 'conspiracy theory' version?
No, cause it's balls and shows that basically at the core of your thoughts is a conspiracy theory that's at the basis of you recommending that people should turn off privacy protection based on false rumours and clearly NO REAL WORLD experience yourself.

Your really need to grow up. I'll leave my laptop on a train to go for a ride, and you leave yours, and we'll see who's most likely for identity theft.

Are you really trying to tell the world that Apple would want to deliberately break and/or slow down their own users OS's so that companies such as western digital/samsung/toshiba etc. can sell more SSD drives? Really? They are that charitable to hard drive manufacturers?!! Or is the conspiracy deeper, that actually Apple are building all these drives and rebranding them as Toshiba/WD etc? lol honestly, it's laughable.

Originally Posted by serr View Post
Anyway, the trouble stories I've told are all real episodes.
Have you personally lost data because of this 'faux pas'? It's pointless passing off stuff "you've read" as fact, particularly given your loaded agenda that this is some kind of conspiracy against people within spinning drives lol.

Your very post which created this thread is proof of that mis-information and how it spreads, and how these 'stories' you read are all just secondhand information that serves no direct help to users, particularly when loaded with a conspiracy-based 'recommend' to disable something that has been designed to offer them protection in the case of a real disaster scenario.

Maybe if i hadn't argued the fact then someone else would've pointed to this thread as evidence that CPU's are severely affected if you enable encryption, and your machine will crash and burn, and apple are doing it all to stop people using spinning drives and that we MUST be safe than sorry and DISABLE ALL THEY RECOMMEND!!!! (joke!). Seriously, Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Originally Posted by serr View Post
I'm suggesting 'better safe that sorry' approaches to prevent disaster and erring on the side of caution. Operator is a thing for sure but it isn't reasonable to get dinged for it like I see going on with this current OSX release.
Yet you're quite happy to scare people into disabling such a useful feature. The better safe than sorry approach IS to enable encryption, it doesn't hit CPU, it offers privacy protection AND it's recommended by the OS creators, so you're towing the safest line possible there.

A 'DISASTER' is losing your data via theft or loss, another 'DISASTER' could be working against the OS recommendations in a way that may ostracise you, meaning that you're become the small percentage in the millions who may experience issues.

How an earth is working AGAINST guidelines considered safe?! i.e. How can a recommended box even be automatically ticked without your knowledge if you've already ticked it years ago?!

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