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It's what I hope, Serr. Not what I see, atm.

I agree they have neglected pro users. Not only in audio, but most other sectors too. I just hope they'll get over that neglect.

Besides, what's the alternative if we decide to jump ship?

I would welcome a laptop that equals the reliability and the performance of my core2duo from 2009 with 24 hour battery life. It doesn't seem hard to do that, does it? Yet, none of the newer machines really offer better performance for what I do. And I don't look forward to tuning yet another OS if Apple keeps up the release pace. Let's not mention reliability...

That's one reason I think it's time for something new. If IBM is capable of running stuff faster* under virtualisation/emulation on their Power platform (PPC), why couldn't Apple use that for ARM? They are still IBM licensees, I believe.

* At the same CPU frequency.
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