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It's all held in one json file. I guess you could go through all the left/right/width/height keys; and modify the values.

So say there's a widget with:
"top": 140,
"left": 80,
"width": 80,
"height": 20,

The modified values should be change to:
"top": 12.96296296296296%, (140/1080)*100
"left": 4.16666666666667%, (80/1920)*100
"width": 4.16666666666667%, (80/1920)*100
"height": 0.37037037037037%, (20/1080)*100

Would that work? maybe,
Any regex script wizards reading this willing to give it a go?

Failing that, it would have to be a manual slog through each widget using the editor. The editor is excellent. Try it here. It would only take about 2-3 cups of tea I reckon. A lot of the widgets are already relative (width:auto) so it would only require changing the position/size values of their parent containers.
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