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Thanks. I'm ok with the fonts for now, but I would like to start messing around with some things. Maybe you could point me in the right direction?

The OSC stuff is totally new to me. I used to be a programmer back in the day, and I've done a few LUA scripts, so I'm not completely incompetent. But I haven't really figured out where to look for what you can and can't do with OSC in Reaper.

Here's something I was thinking about, for example: for changing FX presets there's only the +/- buttons on your (very awesome) panel. Is there a way to do it with a dropdown list, or maybe populate a list of buttons?

I'm thinking of using my phone to flip between patches on Superior Drummer 3, for example. I know how to create a new template with the +/- patch select, but I'd like to build out a list so I can just click on the preset I want to switch to.

EDIT: I may have figured out the answer to that myself by looking at the Default.ReaperOSC file. If I'm following how all this works, it doesn't look like there's a way to get a preset list.

I'm looking at
FX_INST_PRESET s/fxinst/preset s/track/@/fxinst/preset
and I think I'd need something more like
FX_INST_PARAM_NAME s/fxinstparam/@/name
which appears to let you grab the parameter names by number (@), but I don't see an equivalent for grabbing preset names by number.

Am I interpreting this stuff right?

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