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Thank you so much for this control surface, it looks and works great, even on under powered tablets!

I made a bit of a scaled down version of your original so it would fit on tablets with low DPI a little better, but your auto-scaling version is almost perfect, thanks for continuing the work on this!

My only issues are that this new version appears to be missing the parameter names on the channel strip FX listed/selected in the main mixer window. Also, there is some sort of issue with the tempo slider where it disappears on my Android tablet interface (probably do to the resizing on a screen with a low dpi).
I'll probably have time during the week to see if I can't tweak some of those things myself (the editor is really nice with my very basic command of reaperosc), but other than those small things, I think this is really really close to what I have been looking for since I started hacking together touchosc templates a few years ago.

Thank you again!
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