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Default 5 per project Independent Time and Loop Selection Memory Slots

I had this idea... it was driving me nuts and it seemed so simple.
All I wanted to do was to be able to store and recall an in-time selection.
I also wanted to store and recall a Loop selection.

Kind of like regions but without the time line clutter. Perfect for many macros and custom actions.

So I voiced this little gem in reaper chat, and less than an hour later
sws delivered! Truly fantastic.

we now have the ability to store and recall 5 Loop selections, and 5 in-Time selections. These selections will be there waiting for you to recall them when you return to the project later.

I plan to map 3-4 of each and leave the remainder for macros exclusively.
here is what they look like:

find them here:
it goes in the plugins folder in your Reaper directory.

greetings and thanks to sws!


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