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Default automation

I've read some things about automation at the beginning of this topic. I'm working in post-production but want to use reaper for music stuff, and I miss lot of automation option in almost EVERY DAW.

I'm looking for options like preview, capture, fill to punch, fill to end.....Nuendo and Protools have these options. I thought about purchase cubase but hopefully I realized that these option are nuendo-only available. I think this is very expensive 800 USD more just for something like that.

I don't understand how to work with plug-ins without preview mode. And in cubase, I was disappointed when I was making a rough mix at the beginning of the song, and when I push stop before the end, all the faders return to ZERO!!

I hope you'll understand me, because of my french way to speak english

I loved to see this kind of automation in reaper: and that's the best way to have a really HUGE difference with cubase, sonar, traktion and more...Just thinking about automation like a real mixer: you don't need to watch your screen (and you can't see automation lane in a real mixer, but don't need to...), you know how the automation responding.
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