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Thanks for the reply airon.

Originally Posted by airon View Post
Please add a link or two for this to the card manufacturers and explain why dedicated video card with SDI/RGB is important to you.
Decklink cards are here:
One of the most popular for external SD/HD video playback (HDMI, composite, etc) as it provides decompression internally, streams PJpeg and MJPeg better than stock graphics cards. There are others of course (Avid, etc). Support for the driver/codec is required to playback with a Decklink card.

If you mean sending out sync to other players, that's already possible. See the stuff about MTC and LTC in the manual.
MTC is fine for rough sync, but ProTools 8 has it's own satellite sync protocol, and Nuendo/Cubase use System Link - both of which are more accurate/faster than MTC (MTC lacks scrub capability).

re: ADR overlays...

Video processing. That's asking a lot. Why don't you include a link list of the best streamer applications for reference. I hardly ever use them, so my preference wouldn't be useful.
This may be well beyond the scope of where Reaper is headed in general, or at least in the short term, but I thought I would toss it out for consideration, discussion, etc.

MOTU's digital performer has streamers and punches, etc:

Nuendo 5 is supposedly slated to add these as well (from a forum statement by Steinberg).

Other software includes ADR Studio, VoiceQ ( etc. - going a bit beyond streamers, etc. is that these offer scrolling synced text.

They had contacted Euphonix about this, but haven't said how far they'd gotten with it yet. Euphonix is a little funky with its Mac-Only policy on the artist series, which may be a reason that Reaper hasn't been more supportive of this highly useful protocol.
Eucon Pro is dual platform - only the artist series is Mac-only, and appears it will remain that way.
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