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Originally Posted by RAgamesound View Post
I think you guys have a lot of the must-haves covered. One essential I'd like to +1 to is the "automation snapshots". That's absolutely crucial. I need to be able to watch a scene in repeat, adjust the FX paramaters as I listen to find the ideal settings, and then apply those settings to the track. And another track later. Etc. etc. Also, it'd be great to be able to fade between different snapshots.
This is on the to-do list as well. The extension of SWS does in fact let you capture snapshots of automation and practically everything else, but it does not let you paste that settings across an area yet. It only lets you write that snapshot to the edit cursor, so it's very limited if I haven't missed anything. Only good for progressive virgin territory writing.

They've been sent videos and explanations. They're aware of what Nuendo can do to a certain degree, and of what Protools can do with its Preview and Capture functions. They'll get to it.

Thanks! Reaper's a great DAW, and once it implements the suggestions on this change and starts to superserve the Post-Production community I'll be able to fully embrace it as my DAW of choice :-)
They're moving along at a good pace. You'll find a rather interesting release in the Pre-Release forum now. There's something for us post folks there too, though none of the big ones like Video and Area Selection.

Don't forget to vote, no matter what.

Improved Video Support

Area Selection

Reaper Media List/Bay/Bins

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