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Originally Posted by Max Dread View Post
OK, so on to checkdisk will I'll set running now. No idea how long it takes, but I want to watch the rugby so no problem if it is a long one! Should I just do it for the OS drive and leave the others?
Yes, only the OS disk, unless you have parts of the OS or user profile stored on the other disks (for example, via symbolic links). This will probably take a few hours, depending on how much data you have stored on the disk you check and on the nature of that data. Unless you actually have some hardware problem with the disks or SATA interface, in which case it will take significantly longer. But it looks like you don't have such problems.

Originally Posted by Max Dread View Post
Also, just to satisfy my curiosity (and for future reference), what's the difference between checkdisk and HDTune's Error Scan?
hdtune etc work closer to the "hardware" level. They go through physical sectors on the HDD and measure time it takes for each sector to be read. When the HDD reports error, this sector is counted as "bad".

chkdsk can also perform a similar task when used with a specific switch, but we're not doing this since we already know hardware-wise your disks are OK. the main task of chkdsk is to check the filesystem. It goes through ntfs tables storing information about the filesystem and verifies that these tables correspond correctly to the files and directories stored on the disk. When it spots corruption, it fixes it automatically.

Crashes that you experienced might have caused filesystem corruption and for this reason it is important to fix the filesystem prior to attempting additional repairs. This step might or might not fix the crashes themselves.
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