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Originally Posted by innuendo View Post
When it spots corruption, it fixes it automatically.

Crashes that you experienced might have caused filesystem corruption and for this reason it is important to fix the filesystem prior to attempting additional repairs. This step might or might not fix the crashes themselves.
With that in mind should I see now if I get a crash after opening the offending webpage? Or should I wait while the CSV is being checked.

Thanks for explaining everything so clearly. I feel like I'm learning so much through this saga. At least by the end of it I'll have given my PC a thorough service/MOT in terms of its hardware. And whilst I really don't want to, I guess if it does ultimately result in me needing to re-install the OS it might force my hand in leaving XP behind and getting Win7 on here.

We shall see....

Just read through your post again before hitting "submit reply" and see that you say it should take a few hours. Did I do something wrong? It took no more than 5 minutes...

And yes, I have My Documents on a separate drive but that's all data I'm supposing. So I'm pretty sure all the OS stuff is on C:.
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