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Originally Posted by innuendo View Post
In this case I would suggest to do chkdsk on that drive, too. After the additional chkdsk, please post the CSV of Applications. Looks like XP stores the Wininit event in Applications rather than in System events as it goes in Win7.
Sorry, did not read properly and took the CSV for Applications BEFORE running chkdsk on the My Docs partition. Here's the link:

I'll run chkdsk now on the My Docs partition. Should I upload CSVs for both System and Applications afterwards? And does it matter that it is only scanning partitions rather than whole discs (in both cases)?

UPDATE: here's the System CSV after having run chkdsk on the i partition (My Docs):

I can upload Applications if you like, but having just looked at it there is no new entry in there. The last entry was several hours ago.

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