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Originally Posted by bluzkat View Post
Scannow is not meant to run from inside Windows.

You type in "sfc /scannow" at the cmd prompt... Start Menu, Run, type in "cmd" (without the quotes), then hit enter.

Now type "sfc /scannow" at the cmd prompt (without the quotes), hit enter. Exit out of the cmd window (type "Exit" (without the quotes) hit enter. Then re-boot the computer. Scannow will run during the Windows boot process.

Hope this helps.

I have not done any of the above yet as I've just got up.... However, I have booted my PC for the first time this morning and it has loaded with no GC drivers. It has reverted to the Windows drivers for the GC.

If we go back a few days to the day when everything went all fuzzy for me, this happened then as well. If I remember correctly I had ran sfc /scannow then as well. So it would seem that running that causes the OS to lose the GC drivers and default to the Windows drivers.

A couple of things to mention. Firstly, I have an n-lited installation disc with SP3 slipstreamed into the installation. I used this disc when prompted in sfc /scannow. Was that the right disc to use? Secondly, I did not want any of the Catalyst Control Center software for the GC, JUST the drivers. So when installing the drivers I follow this method:

Thought I'd best mention both of those things in case they are significant in any way.

I'll hold fire (I won't re-install GC drivers and won't do any more testing) for now before doing anything else in case you guys need to see something from these recent events. I'm presuming that sfc /scannow worked seeing as it left me without the drivers, but I cannot be sure and am happy to run it again using bluzkat's instructions if you guys feel I need to.

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