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OK, last thing before I have to run:
- Please uninstall everything that has AVG in it
- Please download and run the following tools:

Reboot every time you are asked to.

- Please download Malwarebytes anti-malware:
- Install it (you can opt out of the "premium" trial license)
- Run it on your OS and docs partitions. 99.9% of the time it does not generate false positives, so it's safe to remove everything it finds. I do not remember how to generate a log in it, so if you see the option, please generate a log and upload it. If not, we will figure it later.

Edit: there is a button to export log when it finishes scanning (the scan might take an hour or two).
Reboot if prompted to. Then please Download and run AdwCleaner from the following link:

Click "Scan" (this usually takes only a minute or two) and then "Clean". If adwcleaner finds anything, it will ask to close all the running programs and then to reboot. Upon reboot, you will be presented with a log - please post it here.

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