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Hi innuendo

I have been following the instructions below bit by bit today as and when I could pop into the music room, so that's all done now and the reports from Malwarbytes and AdwCleaner (C1) can be found here:

There was another text document in the AdwCleaner program folder (S1) and I've uploaded that as well:

Originally Posted by innuendo View Post
OK, last thing before I have to run:
- Please uninstall everything that has AVG in it
- Please download and run the following tools:

Reboot every time you are asked to.

- Please download Malwarebytes anti-malware:
- Install it (you can opt out of the "premium" trial license)
- Run it on your OS and docs partitions. 99.9% of the time it does not generate false positives, so it's safe to remove everything it finds. I do not remember how to generate a log in it, so if you see the option, please generate a log and upload it. If not, we will figure it later.

Edit: there is a button to export log when it finishes scanning (the scan might take an hour or two).
Reboot if prompted to. Then please Download and run AdwCleaner from the following link:

Click "Scan" (this usually takes only a minute or two) and then "Clean". If adwcleaner finds anything, it will ask to close all the running programs and then to reboot. Upon reboot, you will be presented with a log - please post it here.

That being said, I can see where you are coming from in your final post with regard forgetting all this and doing a fresh install. I would personally prefer to persevere and look into a Win7 upgrade in a few months time or next year some time. But I totally and utterly appreciate if you see the futility in that and need to step aside at this point. You've gone way above and beyond already. So do feel free to ignore those above links if you wish. And whatever you decide, thank you so much for the time and effort you have put it into this.

If you do wish to continue with it, then I'll carry on with your instruction from post #103 onward.

Of course if anyone else has any further ideas etc please feel free to join in!

One thing that would be handy to know now though is whether I am ok to go ahead and re-install AVG and re-load my GC drivers. It's quite tough doing this without getting on the internet. And not having my dual screens feels like only having one arm.

Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
To the OP: I have the exact same issue and I'm baffled.

My system just shuts off, for no apparent reason.
Hi Lawrence

In addition to what innuendo said, it doesn't sound like your problem is exactly like mine from what you've described. It is not randomly rebooting. It is rebooting when I try to load two specific web pages. I have been able to stress test my PC, surf and do other stuff on it, and do all of this for days without issue. Try to open that web page though and its straight into a reboot. So there's a definite pattern and effect. We just cannot find the cause!

Thanks for joining in though and best of luck solving your problem.

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