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Originally Posted by Max Dread View Post
That being said, I can see where you are coming from in your final post with regard forgetting all this and doing a fresh install. I would personally prefer to persevere and look into a Win7 upgrade in a few months time or next year some time.
Cool, I just wanted you to know that one specific part in your Windows installation is broken, and it happens to be the part that is responsible for self-repair. Worse, it is misbehaving, akin to an immune system that is attacking the body instead of helping it cope with illness. We do have some external tools, but at large, troubleshooting depends on this framework. Probably it had been broken since the installation and you didn't notice that because it does not come into play until there is OS corruption and a repair attempt.
That's why I think that reinstalling will make a faster and more time-proof solution, and will have much higher chances to resolve the problem.
Originally Posted by Max Dread View Post
If you do wish to continue with it, then I'll carry on with your instruction from post #103 onward.
Yeah, why not if you are so inclined! I'm actually curious if we can get this sorted out. I would suggest to try getting sfc in control first using an untouched WinXP SP3 CD, as per post #106.

Originally Posted by Max Dread View Post
One thing that would be handy to know now though is whether I am ok to go ahead and re-install AVG and re-load my GC drivers. It's quite tough doing this without getting on the internet. And not having my dual screens feels like only having one arm.
Yeah. Reg. AVG, I think it's best to leave it out of equation until we finish troubleshooting. AV software complicates things and gets in the way of troubleshooting. If I understand correctly, you prefer not to get on the internet without it? If that's the case, I'd say let it go for now. Best protection for your computer on the internet is your own awareness, and no antivirus can replace it.

Reg. graphics drivers, it's better to hold on with them right now. One reason is hopefully for the next step, you can put your hand on an untouched WinXP CD and attempt sfc scan with it. However that may cripple AMD drivers again. The other reason is that there are considerable chances that graphics drivers are responsible for the crashes, and that in the mess that's going on with the drivers, there is a mix of incompatible components. So I think you should first perform a ocmplete cleanup of the AMD drivers and software (hold on, I'm looking into how to do this), then figure out what's going driver-wise on your system (will take me some research to do this remotely), then choose the most compatible drivers version and install that one.

BTW please look up the brand of your graphics card and if it has some model name/number when referenced by the brand.
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