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Ok, since we are going to do some things that could potentially render your system unbootable, please take a look at the following article:

... and maybe print or take written notes. That's in case you are stuck with a system that won't get to the desktop or something major got broken.

- Next, please download the following utility:
Edit: hold on, just noticed XP is not on the list of supported systems.
Edit2: let's try this utility instead:,20.html
Don't run it yet.

Please note/write down the following:
To solve the infinite boot loop issue that some users are having, you must boot with the DVD/USB (Windows installation disk) in recovery with Command prompt and type :

Option 1 (recommended) : bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot

If option 1 is not working,

Option 2 : bootrec /rebuildbcd
(I'm copy-pasting this advice as is, but in this case IMHO it's better to go with Option 2)

- Next, in the usual "Programs and Features" window please uninstall everything that has "ATI", "AMD", "Catalyst" in it.
- Reboot.
- Run the utility, and upon completion click on "View report", save the file to desktop, and best upload it while you're on it.
- Reboot.

- Reboot into safe mode (press and release F8 multiple times during the startup and then select Safe Mode)
- Run the utility, select AMD in the selection box, verify that the "Save log..." is checked, then click on "Clean and Restart"
- Hopefully nothing will get drastically broken, so you will be able to come back and say hello:-)
- Upload the log which should be probably either in the root of your OS partition or inside the folder where you put the utility

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