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Originally Posted by Max Dread View Post
I'm wondering if I should leave carrying on until tomorrow when I have a clearer head. And perhaps I should prioritise making sure I have everything backed up properly before continuing. I think I pretty much have other than the last few days, but I'd like to double check for sure.
I think both ideas are great. I believe we won't get to the state where you will need your backups, but who knows? Also I would advise to get a hold of an "untouched" installation CD, just in case.

Originally Posted by Max Dread View Post
One thing I did want to ask... Is there a chance these problems could lead to data corruption? What I mean is that I have a few CDs I need to rip to FLAC. If I do this is there any chance that the FLAC files might be dodgy in any way without me knowing?
I don't fully understand the situation with drivers on your system right now. Possibly drivers for some or even all devices got reset a few times to some previous version. Still researching how to dump this information. Theoretically, it might affect your CD-rom drivers. Practically, for the CD-rom this probably doesn't matter at all. So my best guess would be "no, this should not affect ripping CDs".

Originally Posted by Max Dread View Post
BTW (and a bit off topic), AdwCleaner seems to have sped things up on my system. The internet feels a bit faster. Boot up is a bit faster too. Should I add this to my arsenal of regular use tools? I usually use AVG, Malwarebytes, SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition and CCleaner. When I run those should I start running AdwCleaner? Is it ok to use regularly?
I think it only/mostly removed some leftovers or inactive stuff. It probably had no effect. I bet what you are experiencing is the absence of AVG :-)
That said, AdwCleaner is as safe as it gets. Safer than CCleaner and SAS.At least at my experience.

Generally if you are into periodic scanning of your computer for malware, AdwCleaner, MalwareBytes and once in a while Eset online scanner should get you covered. Keep in mind that Eset, while extremely thorough, tends to generate false positives more than others, and it doesn't like anything resembling a crack. Permanent resident AV cause a huge slowdown, especially the free editions, so personally I never use them. But then I am cautious and I research on everything I intend to run. I block ads and malicious URLs with adblocker and also use the Flashblock extension which blocks flash by default. For questionable software I use

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