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So I'm going to continue working through methodically from where I left off (post #103).... (let me know if you want me to jump ahead to any of the later steps right away)

Originally Posted by innuendo View Post
Edit: we can also look into recent Windows Updates and attempt to find an update that possibly caused the situation
I've always kept Windows Update off. I don't think I've had a single Windows update sine I built the thing in 2008. And just for the record, the PC has been rock solid up until now....

Originally Posted by innuendo View Post
@Max: Actually in case you have a "vanilla" (untouched) WinXP SP3 disk lying around, we could try another sfc scan with it. Frankly I can not predict the effect this will have, but hopefully it might fix sfc file repository which is currently corrupted/unusable. If you do this, please attempt to gather as much details as possible from the GUI when it finishes. Unfortunately, on WinXP sfc does not generate a detailed log, so it's not easy to figure out what it had been doing.
I have the vanilla Windows XP disc which will be *JUST* XP; no service packs. I can try sfc with that? I'll wait for your verdict there and go ahead with it if you say it's worth a try.

I also have a disc which has JUST Service Pack 3 on it but I presume that's no help here.
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