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Default Syncing a Midi track and a varying Time audio track.

In the other Forum I learned how to do a tempo map for an audio track:

- create a Midi track with notes at all "1"s of the bars
- convert the notes to tempo markers (using a LUA script thankfully provided by Mordi)

I successfully did that and now the state or the project is:

- the audio is played back as it is and the metronome and the Midi is played back stretched accordingly

- the time base is Time for items and Time for Tempo
- the bars grid is warped according to the audio
- the Midi track with straight timing plays correctly with the audio
- I don't see any markers any more. They were lost in the process.

But there is one glitch due to too great tempo fluctuation at this point in the audio. Here one bar is converted to two very fast bars.

Is there a way to locally edit the tempo map i.e. combine two bars so that the following bars stay in place ?

For some more experimenting I'd like to convert the project to have the timing the other way round: the metronome and the Midi is played back straight and the audio is played back stretched,

Is there any way to do this at this point at best switch back and forth as desired ?

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