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Default Vordio and Snap-To-Grid timing issues

I am helping a friend (thousands of miles away) fix the audio on her 80-minute movie. We're using Vordio to make a Reaper session from Final Cut, and it basically works.

However, there are two (related?) problems. First, snap-to-grid seems to be enabled by default in the Reaper project that Vordio creates. I have it turned off in my Project Settings, but Vordio is making the .rpp file. As soon as I open that freshly-created file, it's on. I assume Vordio is making those decisions.

Second, all of files that were converted from .mov have playback rate set to 0.999001. All of the audio files are correct. I can, of course, select all the items and set their rate to "1," but something's up. And even if I do that, the timings are off, b/c they are lined up based on the slowed-down version (plus "snap-to-grid.")

My session winds up ending about eight seconds after the video (which hasn't gone through Vordio/Reaper).

Full disclosure: I'm using Linux, and Vordio is running through Wine. I don't think that should change anything, though. And I'm on the newest Reaper (6.03).

ps I also posted this in "General Discussion." I hadn't noticed this sub-forum; I'll try to delete the other post.
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