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Originally Posted by Load074 View Post
Second, all of files that were converted from .mov have playback rate set to 0.999001. All of the audio files are correct. I can, of course, select all the items and set their rate to "1," but something's up. And even if I do that, the timings are off, b/c they are lined up based on the slowed-down version (plus "snap-to-grid.")
Vordio creator here.

I suspect much is is due to auto rate conform in FCPX being used without the editor being aware thatit is happening.

i.e. If you put 25fps footage on a 23.98 timeline then FCPX stretches the audio so that each video frame can be used. FCPX doesn't indicate it is stretching audio like this, so the editor may be completely unaware it is happening.

Most NLEs don't do this. They will keep audio same rate but drop/repeat video frames to fit instead.

Vordio rate changes FCPX items if the rate-conform tag exists on the clip in the XML to indicate it has been stretched.

Another common FCPX editor gotcha is creating compound clips which have their own timeline parameters. So they may be wrapping their footage in compound clips and didn't notice they picked the wrong frame rate by default for the footage inside the compound clip.

If you send me the XML I can open it in FCPX and compare what is going on.

It's hard to know without looking at it.

Also Vordio 6.0 is coming out soon which has a completely new FCPX converter. I can compare if it handles this situation better and maybe send you a new RPP.
Convert NLE XMLs to RPP.

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