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Originally Posted by Load074 View Post
Hello Mr Limbic, and thanks for your response!

I suspect you're right. I've gotten the session working with just a few tweaks now though. My film-making friend is the one who made the FCP and Vordio-to-Reaper XML files, and I can only imagine the amount of weird settings she may have accumulated in this, her first film foray.

So with Vorido unleashed, I'm up and running now with the project. But I can send you her .fcpxml file in case you're curious, for issues of potential (though unlikely) bug fixing.
Yes. Send me the .fcpxml file and tell me where the first problematic clip was on the timeline. Always curious to see what people are doing when there are workflow issues. Also if it is a bug I can also compare if it still happens in Vordio 6.0 (coming soon) which has a completely new translation engine.
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